Alex Challoner, consultant for public affairs, business and brands.

I have over 30 years of experience in government affairs and corporate communications.

Corporate approach

I am Alex Challoner, a successful business consultant with over 30 years of experience in government affairs, lobbying and corporate communications.

I am proud to have built a strong track record of delivery for my clients, which include leading CEOs, corporate leaders and business heads. Using effective team management, I have developed the ability to mentor and coach colleagues to achieve the best group outcomes. I work on several boards with other CEOs on strategic implementation, and bring confidence, innovation and passion to my work.

Keeping my clients one step ahead has been crucial throughout my career. 

Being prepared for those difficult moments, the unexpected challenges, and the constant change in a rapidly evolving world is where I have thrived. As a natural problem solver, I instinctively look around corners to anticipate problems and find ways to solve them. A core objective of my approach is to get the client to where they need to be, instead of where they are.

In politics

I have always been a committed One Nation Conservative. I value individual choice and freedom, with the principle of doing better for yourself. It is also important, as a society, to care about those less fortunate and to take responsibility.

My values are guided by the belief in:

  • market economy and enterprise
  • the freedom of the individual
  • a strong, global facing Britain
  • generous and open-minded social policy
  • helping those less fortunate

Membership of the Tory Reform Group (TRG)

I have been a member of the Tory Reform Group (TRG) and the Conservative party since leaving university in 1991. Within the Conservative party I have performed various roles including ward chair in Putney Conservative Association, Deputy Chair of the Tory Reform Group, policy/media intern for the Prime Minister’s team in the 1997 General Election and a Director for the Steve Norris Conservative London Mayoral Bid in 2000. For the Mayoral Bid, I headed up all external engagement for the campaign.

Since 2009, I have served continuously on the Board of the Tory Reform Group.

My passions and interests

First and foremost my family is my passion, and I raise my son with my husband in north London. I’m also passionate about travelling. My husband and I spend a lot of time with wider family Down Under, and I also enjoy the United States and Israel.

My passion for gardening runs in the family

I am a keen gardener, spending time on my small patch in London and reading current affairs whenever I can.  My passion for gardening and the outdoors runs in the family.  I love walking in the countryside which reflects my family roots in the South West of England.

Previously my husband and I have volunteered as mentors at the amazing charity Reach Out. The charity helps children aged 11 to 19 who struggle with work and peer relationships at school. The support is based on four key aspects of character change – staying power, self control, fairness and good judgement. Reach Out now helps hundreds of children at school age across London, Greater Manchester and Liverpool. Each young person they support is paired up with their own volunteer mentor and, each week, they are helped to grow in character through mentoring and fun group activities, sparking changes in themselves and socially.

In the media